Quick Hair Styling

There are those days when every hair on your head defies all attempts at styling. You look into the mirror and marvel at the things that happen to hair overnight. Last night, your hair looked beautiful. Now, only a few hours later, any semblance of hairstyle is shot to hell. That parting must have moved by itself. Why do the hair ends feel like straw? The ponytail scrunchy left a permanent pleat in your hair, which refuses to go away. Yesterday, you had a haircut, today it is gone. Try as you may, regular styling routines will not measure up to the daunting task of dealing with bad hair days.

This is the moment of truth and right then you also remember to check your watch. Of course, bad hair days and running out of time go together like fish and chips! Bad hair day or not, being late for work, school or an appointment is not an option. Right now, a lightning fast solution is the only solution. Is there a way to turn this bad hair day into an uplifting experience? You bet! See what tricks and solutions we have in store for you!

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