Master Makeup Course

Rupinder Malhotra Makeup Academy provides Master Makeup Course, a complete professional makeup education that covers everything from basic essential makeup to advanced makeup techniques.

With this combination course, you will be able to receive mastery in everything from basic makeup to hair styling, bridal makeup, makeup for runway, photo shoot, portfolio, fashion shows and all red carpet events.

Highly experienced makeup artist, Rupinder Malhotra, begins with the basics of makeup, gradually progressing towards advance makeup procedures and techniques for high-definition and airbrush makeup for glamorous events. She believes in training students through theoretical as well as practical classes for better understanding and clarity.

The course also includes the use of styling videos to demonstrate how to do it right through the use of right cosmetics. With the advancement of the course, you will learn how to sculpt the face of a client of any body type and age for any high-profile event.
During the course, you will get to know different skin types, facial shapes, colour theory and choosing the right makeup product to perfectly match the specifications.
After successful completion, you will receive a certificate in Master Makeup Course and can start your professional journey as a makeup artist.
. Mineral Make-up
. Silicon Make-up
. High Definition Make-up
. Micro Make-up
. Ultra Make-up
. Sheen Make-up
. Mattify Make-up
. Air Brush Make-up

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